Kathran Siegel
In the early 1980’s I began designing furniture grounded upon my studies in the Fine Arts.

Style categories invented within the design fields translate easily from the fine artist’s method of working in Series. One is considered commercial while the other is not. Both invent a vocabulary first, establish it, and then proceed to move out from there. I have always been intrigued by the artifice of this divide.

My sculpture reflects a wish to confront the human condition however I am feeling it at the time.

As I work I am inventing a language for myself that pulls from everything that I have done before, while being none of those works. I mean to extract that activity or interest that has been essential and has kept me engaged all along, eliminating whatever now feels like artifice.

I work in a way that allows time to free associate and stay open until the end. For me, I have come to realize, that process flows most freely when I keep my work somewhere within the bounds of abstraction. In this body of work I am most compelled to search out relationships between the natural world and a more personal world of human experience. I am more interested in commonality than in difference.
pedestal table
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