Kathran Siegel
About: Artist Statement


I love color and paint and surface. I work primarily in wood. My process is to build and to carve out my compositional spaces first, and later to respond with paint.

The process of working out visual ideas in series becomes a self-generating engine. I have yet to feel that I have exhausted an idea. At some point I move on, inventing a new vocabulary of forms, shapes, surface treatment, use, materials, reference, or any or all of these.

My process flows most freely when I keep my work somewhere within the bounds of abstraction. Referencing, though never engaging representation to the point of realism, my work over the years has been interpretive to varying degrees. I like to search out relationships between the natural world and a more personal world of human experience. Often considering the wall as my compositional space, much of my work speaks as installation, spanning large spaces when these are available.

Kathran Siegel • 215-272-0783 • kathran.siegel@gmail.com